Back to 90‘s

Take a quiz about Transition period

30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of transition in Eastern Europe, witnesses of those events are still actively shaping the social, political and cultural life. Meanwhile, the young generation has no direct memory neither of communism nor of transition. Their knowledge and perceptions of this recent past is mostly based on stories of the older generations and on politicized and instrumentalized discourses.

The project „Transition dialogue. Dealing with change in democratic ways“, initiated by the Transition dialogue network, aims at taking a closer look at two of the areas that mostly contribute to the formation of knowledge and perceptions of that recent past – the public discourse and teaching of transition.

This quiz is a part of the project. We believe it will foster curiousity of young people and motivate them to learn about transition period.


If you want to test your knowledge of the Transition take an online quiz “Back to 90’s”. Our team of experts has compiled 4 sets of 10 questions each for you. The questions cover different thematic areas – from everyday life to emergence of the civil society in the 90’s. Questions may be with different difficulty levels but don’t let this to stop you! Each question has 4 choices/options. Once you select your option you will immediately know if it is correct. If you fail – no worries – there will be an additional explanation provided. Dare to learn!

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